BISL reports are market leading and are unique within the oil and gas industry for their depth and quality. Hard and electronic reports are sectionalized with custom dividers, developed along with major input from our clients, to make sure that navigation is easy, user-friendly and meets their needs. Reports are very detailed, but not needlessly complicated, and include substantial photographic, CAD drawings and documentation support wherever needed.

1. Testing of primary drilling equipment including the protective safety devices and systems.
2. Reviewing of certification, ensuring conformance of critical well control and drilling equipment.
3. Reviewing of NDT reports and lifting databases.
4. Reviewing of maintenance on critical equipment.
5. Evaluating the condition of selected equipment.
6. Reviewing of past audits and updates on status of action items,

The scope of these surveys is tailored towards our clients requirements and these surveys also provide assurance that the rig's equipment is fit for purpose.

Rig Inspection and condition surveys are comprehensive reliability assessments that include the evaluation of equipment and systems, recording of all parameters and technical data on equipment condition evaluation datasheets.

Relevant standards such as the API, IADC and OEM specifications are referenced during the survey. The areas of assessment include, but are not limited to:

Drilling equipment
Electrical generation and distribution
Cranes and hoisting systems
Main and auxiliary equipment
Mud Circulating systems
Well control equipment
Marine and Safety equipment
Maintenance task compliance
Asset management and budget planning

Relevant standards such as the API, IADC and OEM specifications are referenced during such surveys.